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The Road to Recovery

Edted by Christy Jay

Available Spring 2019 on Amazon

Case Management

A Clinical Guide for Community Interventions Specialists

Available Now

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Coping Skills and Interventions

For at Risk Youth and Their Providers

Edited by Camille Brown-Lowery

Available Summer 2019 on Amazon


Substance Abuse

Interventions for Relapse Prevention

Composited Edits from Former Members of Community Support Team of Person County, NC

Available Spring 2019 on Amazon


Crash and Burn

Fiction Book by Khristopher Konseye

Available Summer 2019 on Amazon


Damn, Damn, Damn

Horror Stories About Mental Health and Addiction

Fiction Book by Christy Jay and Khristopher Konseye

Available Fall 2019 on Amazon



Suicide Survival Stories

Edited by Christy Jay

Available Winter 2019 on Amazon